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Certified hypnotherapist and author Nellie Kampmann works professionally in the field of history. Her deep interest in local ghost folklore led her to become a tour guide on the Columbus Landmarks Foundation's yearly ghost tours in 2006.  She likewise became an investigator with a few Columbus, Ohio paranormal research teams. From there, a strange incident with a local haunting sparked a fascination with past lives. 


She works with spiritual intuitive Jessica Jewett and Betsy Craig, to run the Center for Reincarnation Studies.  That website focuses on both the special factors involved in high profile reincarnation cases and in general reincarnation studies.  Her other paranormal interests include research in the use of binaural beats and hypnosis to enhance psychic development.  An avid writer, Nellie blogs about paranormal topics on Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio.  She has a book on local ghost stories by the same name.




Websites and Social Media


Center for Reincarnation Studies


A Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio Blog


Eerie Canal (my general paranormal website)


Twitter Page




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