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If you're here, you probably already know about my book, A Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio.  Since I won't have the time to concentrate on writing another book anytime soon, I have become an avid blogger.  


My main blog, also called A Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio, is a companion to my book.   In it, I talk more about hauntings in Columbus, but also get into all sorts of paranormal related topics. 


My other big interest in the field of the paranormal is reincarnation.  I share a blog with my research partner Jessica (Jones) Jewett.  The earlier  version was called Historical Figures Reincarnated.  We broadened our research focus and now have a website called The Center for Reincarnation Studies.   We continued the blog there, and some of the more popular articles from the old blog are there as well.  It's currently being rebuilt after a bad crash.  We also now teach Reincarnation: Working with the Past for a Better Future, on online, on demand class on reincarnation.


I've been a historical costumer most of my life, so it should be no surprise that I have a blog on that.  Silk, Wool and Needles focuses on mid-Victorian and 1920s cotuming, but you never know what era will capture my imagination next.


I am also fired up about making the world a better place.  In my blog, Nellie's Better World, I share tips on everything from how to improve your outlook on life to how to start going solar.

I'm trying to get the blogs organized better with the individual posts more accessible by topic.  Click on the links below to indexes for each blog.


A Haunted History of Columbus, Ohio * Historical Figures Reincarnated 

Silk, Wool and NeedlesNellie's Better World

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