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I've been studying reincarnation cases for over a decade with my research partner, the extremely talented past life reader,  Jessica Jewett (Jones).  We share our insights on the The Center for Reincarnation Studies website.  Unfortunately, we had a bad crash and are in the process of rebuilding the site.  We have the basics up, but are still in the process of adding back the FAQ, blog, and other pages.  In the meanwhile, you can check out our FaceBook page.  Our older blog articles are available at our previous blog site Historical Figures Reincarnated.

You can also learn more about reincarnation and your own past lives through our on demand, online course, Reincarnation: Working with the Past for a Better Future.  This 3 1/2 hour course will explain the basic concepts of reincarnation from a Western perspective, then help you to recover your own past life memories.  The course includes 3 hypnosis sessions to aid in exploring your past lives.   Once you have recovered some past life memories, we will walk you through the process of tracking your past life down in the historical record.  If you sign up through this link, you can take the class for the highly discounted price of only $9.99.

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